Pelvic Pain - causes, symptoms and treatment

Pelvic Pain Information

Pelvic Pain may be originate in the pelvis or be reffered from another region of the body. A pelvic source is suggested by the history like dysmenorrhea and dysareunia and physical findings, but a high index of suspiction must be entertained for extrapelvic disorders that refer to the pelvis,, such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, intestinal obstruction and urinary tract infections.

Pelvic Pain associated with ovulation ("mittelschmerz")

Many women experience low abdominal discomfort with ovulation, typically a dull aching pain at midcycle in one lowe quadrant lasting from minutes to hours. It is rarely severe or incapacitating. The pain may result from peritoneal irritation by follicular fluid released into the peritoneal cavity at ovulation. The onset at mid cycle and short duration of pain suggest this diagnosis.

Pelvic pain Causes

Pelvic Pain due to organic cause - Severe dysmenorrhea associated with disease of the pelvis is termed secondary dysmenorrhea. Organic causes of pelvic pain can be classified as -

Premenstrual or Menstrual Pain

Uterine Pain

Adnexal Pain

Vulvar or Vaginal Pain

Pelvic Pain and Birth Control

Many women have experienced severe ongoing pelvic pain due to the use of birth control devices like the Mirena IUD.  Additional side effects of Mirena include severe cramping, heavy ongoing bleeding, unusual discharge, easy bruising, fever, chills, numbness or fatigue, headaches, or jaundice.  Only doctors should remove the Mirena IUD as there have been cases of the IUD penetrating the uterine wall, causing a need for surgery. There is  a Mirena IUD lawsuit taking place because the symptoms and complications caused by using this device were not advised to patients. has a full list of complications associated with use of the Mirena IUD. 

If you've experienced severe pelvic pain and your doctors have not suggested removing the Mirena IUD, it is advisable to have this discussion with your health care provider. 

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