Cervical polyp, polyp cervix, cervical polyps removal in pregnancy

What is Cervical polyp?

Cervical polyps are fingerlike growths originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix or endocervical canal. These small, fragile growths hang from a stalk and protrude through the cervical opening.

The lining of the canal through the cervix, which connects the cavity of the uterus to the vagina, can develop benign lumps called POLYPS. These are often attached to the wall of the canal by a narrow stalk and, if the stalk is long enough, the polyp may protrude into the vagina and cause bleeding after sex or between periods. Cervical polyps are easily removed, often in your doctor's rooms. They are always sent for microscopic examination to exclude malignancy, but this is very rare.

Cervical polyps is a projectile growth originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix, or even the endocervical cannall.  It is a small growth that hang from a stalk and sticks out (protrude) through the internal or exterior os (or cervical opening)

Cervical polyp removal

Cervical polyp removal is done as an outpatient procedure electrocautery or laser vaporization. Most cervical polyps are benign, the excised tissue is usually sent to a pathologist for microscopic examination.

Visitors Questions and Comments -

I am 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me i had cervical polyp because i spot alot will this cause a miscarrige. thanks for advice.

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