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Breast milk can be expressed and given by bottle, so that other people can feed the baby on occasion, but this can be difficult to organise. Some mothers might decide that they do not wish to breastfeed their baby, as it does not suit their particular circumstances. You can start to breastfeed as soon as you want to after delivery. Ideally this should be within the first hour as the baby will usually be alert in the first hour or so after delivery and will instinctively want to feed. Indeed if you are both well you can put the baby to the breast straight away. Even if your baby does not wish to feed right away it is still good to hold your baby close with skin to skin contact as this helps encourage breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding to Baby

Sometimes the mother or the baby might have difficulties with breastfeeding. Sometimes the mother does not get enough support to start or continue breastfeeding, and because of this may lack confidence.

Most experts believe that the frequency and duration of feeds should, ideally, be led by the baby. Remember that your baby will often have to feed frequently as his or her stomach is relatively small. In the first day or two there may be around 6 hours between feeds. After the first couple of days babies usually feed around 6 times in every 24 hours, although feeding as often as 8-10 time in 24 hours is not unusual in the early stages of breastfeeding. However, every mother and baby will develop their own pattern that suits them specifically.

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