Birth Plan - creating and writing a sample online birth plan

Your choices in childbirth are important. If you have specific preferences for your management in labour and delivery, then you should think about setting them out in a birth plan. A birth plan is simply a way of communicating your references in writing to those looking after you in labour. It can be placed in your pregnancy record. Labour is a stressful time and you may not be able to think about and express all your preferences when you are having regular painful contractions, so it is helpful for both you and your carers to have a written record to refer to. It can also help you feel that you are in control of what s happening to you.

Creating Sample Birth Plan Format

Who do you want to be with you in labour - You may wish to specify who you want to have with you in labour, such as your partner or a friend or relative. In addition, you might want to indicate anyone you specifically do not want to be present. You can consider whether you want your birthing partner to be with you all the time or to be absent at certain points, such as while you are being stitched after birth, for instance. If you are planning to have a Cesarean section, you can also specify who you want to be with you while it is being performed.

What pain relief would you prefer?

It is common to indicate your preference for pain relief in a birth plan. You will probably have some idea of the type of pain relief you would prefer. However, while it is important to set out your preferences in a birth plan, be prepared to be flexible so that you get the right pain relief for your particular needs in labour when the time arrives.

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