Best Time To Get Pregnant - when is the best time of month to get pregnant

The best time for you to have intercourse is in the days immediately before ovulation and on the day of ovulation itself. However, even with temperature charts or prediction kits, it is often difficult to identify the precise time of ovulation in advance. So, from a practical perspective, you should have intercourse several times around the estimated time of ovulation.

Generally, there is no need to restrict intercourse at other times of the month. Indeed, the best plan is to have intercourse regularly every couple of days throughout the cycle. This avoids putting pressure on you both to identify the fertile time, obliging you to make love according to the calendar rather than by desire.

What is the chance of getting pregnant each month?

Humans are not highly efficient when it comes to fertility. The chance of getting pregnant for a normal fertile couple in the first month of trying is around 1 in 3 or 30%. This might be because highly fertile couples conceive quickly and so the statistic is relatively high for the first month. After the first month, the likelihood decreases, reaching around 1 in 10 by 12 months. Even with entirely normal couples, 10% of them will take more than a year of trying before they manage to conceive.


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