Best foundation makeup Tips- how to apply foundation

Applying Foundation: How to apply Foundation

Apply small drops of foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and spread with your fingertips or makeup sponge using outward strokes.

Always allow your foundation or tinted day cream time to absorb into the skin before fixing with powder.

Don't apply too thickly or you'll end up with that caked look. Rather apply two thin coats and be wary of the area around the nose.

Anyone under 30 should avoid foundation if at all possible as it generally isn't necessary. A light skin toned concealer and a little powder will often do the trick to hide small blemishes and imperfections.

Fpondation Appying Tips for different face shapes

The shape of your face can be changed to some extent by the use of foundation.

Round Face: use a dark shade foundation.
Square and diamond shaped face: use a darker shade over the jaw and the chin.

If you have double-chin then by applying dark shade foundation on its underneath part it can be made to look balanced. You can make your chin prominent by the use of light shade foundation. If your cheek bones are raised, apply dark shade foundation below them.

Different forms of Foundation

Several forms of foundations are available. You must choose your foundation correctly and for this you need to know the effect of each of the forms.

  1. Emulsions
  2. Creams
  3. Liquids
  4. Gels
  5. Cakes or Sticks
  6. Powders

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