Amoebiasis - Symptom, Prevention, Treatment of Amoebiasis

What is Amoebiasis?

Amoebic dysentery is another name for Amoebiasis. It is an intestinal infection that is caused by the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica. Amoebiasis Infection is spread from person to person in case of poor sanitary conditions.

What causes Amoebiasis ?

Amoebic dysentery or Amoebiasis is generally spread through eating contaminated food. There is also a risk that it can be spread by oro-anal sex (sex involving contact between the anus and the mouth).

Sign and Symptom of Amoebiasis

Various symptoms has been observed for Amoebiasis. Some symptoms are as follows:

Amoebiasis Cure and Treatment

Amoebic dysentery or Amoebiasis is treated with metronidazole. Complications, such as perforation of the intestinal wall or the presence of abscesses within the body's organs, require specialist hospital treatment. Proper handwashing helps prevent the spread of amoebiasis. While travelling avoid eating uncooked foods, particularly vegetables and fruit which cannot be peeled before eating in order to prevent Amoebiasis.

Amoebiasis Prevention tips: How to prevent amoebiasis?

  1. Don't put anything into your mouth that has touched the stool of a person who is infected with E. histolytica.
  2. Don't swallow something, such as water or food that is contaminated with E. histolytica.
  3. Don't touch and bring to your mouth cysts (eggs) picked up from surfaces that are contaminated with E. istolytica.
  4. Avoid sexual practices that allow faecal-oral contact.

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