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Acne vulgaris may occur on the face, chest, back and sometimes even more extensively. Several types of acne spots occur, often at the same time. Acne vulgaris affects the areas of skin with the densest population of sebaceous follicles; these areas include the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. It is a clogging of the hair follicles that leads to unsightly, and sometimes painful, skin lesions and pimples. It ranges in degree from mild to severe and, at its most severe, it can cause scarring.

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease that affects 85-100% of people at some time during their lives. It is characterized by noninflammatory follicular papules or comedones and by inflammatory papules, pustules, and nodules in its more severe forms.

Acne vulgaris is the most common form of the condition. " Vulgaris " does not mean "vulgar;" it means "common." It affects approximately 90% of all adolescents, and 50% of adult women. Acne vulgaris is what most people think of when they think of spots and zits.

Causes of Acne Vulgaris

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Acne Vulgaris Facts and Information

Although emotional stress has long been suspected to exacerbate acne vulgaris, previous reports addressing its influence on acne severity have been mainly anecdotal. In westernized societies, acne vulgaris is a nearly universal skin disease afflicting 79% to 95% of the adolescent population. In men and women older than 25 years, 40% to 54% have some degree of facial acne, and clinical facial acne persists into middle age in 12% of women and 3% of men.

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