6 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at 6 weeks, Baby development at 6 weeks of pregnancy

In first 6 weeks of pregnancy the gestation sac is around 2 cm in diameter. The embryo is 4-5 mm long, cylindrical in form with a head and tail end present. Most babies measure up to 5 mm in length by pregnancy week 6. This is roughly the size of ½ a small corn kernel.

Embryo Development during First 6 weeks of Pregnancy

Amazingly a basic heart has already formed and an ultrasound scan will usually be able to visualise the heart beating. The limbs appear as tiny buds from the body. A rudimentary brain and spinal cord have formed and the lower jaw starts to form. The eyes start to develop as pigmented discs on either side of the head, as they develop further they will move round to the front of the head. The lungs, eyelids and ears also start to develop. Your baby at 6 weeks may be anywhere from 2 to 5mm long at this point in time or roughly the size of half a baby pea. Not very big, but bigger than last week! The heart has divided into the right and left chambers and is beating about 150 times a minute.

Changes to mother

You will have missed your period and you may feel tired. The umbilical cord linking the embryo to the afterbirth has formed. You may start having some weight gain by 6 weeks pregnant. Many women will start experiencing morning sickness by six weeks pregnant. This is a very normal but also very uncomfortable side effect of pregnancy.

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