40 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at 40 weeks, Baby development at 40 weeks of pregnancy

In 40 weeks of pregnancy the average weight of baby is 3300 gram, and foot length is about 8 cm long.

Baby Development in 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

The hair on the baby's head will be 2-4 cm long. There are skin creases all over the soles of teh feet in criss-cross pattern. The cyclical pattern of walking and sleeping is lengtherning from 40 minutes to 60 minutes of alternative walking and sleeping. It is now 280 days from the start of your last period or 266 days from the time of conception.

Changes to the Mother

The womb will have been preparing itself for labour for three weeks or so before the contractions of labour start. During this time, the neck of the womb, the cervix, softens and thins out. This allows the contractions of labour to more easily open the neck of womb to allow baby delivery.

It is the baby who decides when labour should start and sends a chemical signal to the tissue of your womb.

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