36 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at 36 weeks, Baby development at 36 weeks of pregnancy

In 36 weeks of pregnancy the average weight of baby is 2550 gram, height is 46 cm, head circumference is 32 cm, abdomen circumferenece is 30 cm and foot length is baout 7 cm long.

Baby Development in 36 Weeks of Pregnancy

The last organs to mature are the lungs. These will mature fully in the next 1-3 weeks when they make enough of a substance called surfactant, which makes the lungs easy to inflate. The fingernails have reached the end of the fingers and the bbay may have scratched itself in the womb. The cyclical pattern of walking and sleeping is lengthening from 30 minutes which it was at 32 weeks to about 40 minutes of alternate walking and sleeping.

Boy Babies: The testes will now usually have fully descended and will be found in the scrotum.

Changes to the Mother

At 36 weeks the top of the womb reaches its highest point. You may feel quite uncomfortable now because of the size of the womb and the baby kicking against your ribs. The head may engage around this time, especially in a first pregnancy. At time time you may feel an urge to pass urine more frequently due to the pressure of the head on your bladder. In some women the head may not engage until later, especially if it is a second pregnancy.

More fat is being deposit under the skin and baby will look chubby.

Mother will often feel kicks below your ribs.

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