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In 32 weeks of pregnancy the average weight of baby is 1800 gram, head circumference is 29-30 cm, abdomen circumferenece is 27 cm and foot length is baout 6.5 cm long.

Baby Development in 32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Skin creases have formed ont he front third of the side of the foot. The baby can respond to sound and can recognize certain sounds like pieces of music that it may hear a lot, or your voice. It can also respond to bright lights. Its cyclical pattern of walking and sleeping is lengtherning from 20 minutes, which it was at 28 weeks, to about 30 minutes of alternative walking and sleeping. Some babies are breech at this stage but there is still time for the baby to change how it is lying an dmost with turn round to be head down before labour.

Boy Babies: The testes are descending towards the scrotum.

Mother will often feel kicks below your ribs. By pregnancy week 30 your uterus climbs to about 4 inches above your belly. You are entering the home stretch of your pregnancy, with just 10 weeks (or less) to go!

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