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3 Things to Expect After Plastic Surgery

After plastic surgery, you will need to take some time to recover properly. Most patients expect to have a little pain and discomfort after the procedure but there are a few things that you may not really expect. Preparing for these unexpected side effects of surgery can ensure you have a comfortable recovery period.

face surgery

Caring for Sutures

One of the most important things that you can do for a quick recovery is to make sure that your sutures, or stitches, are kept clean. For sutures near the hairline, such as those typical with a facelift, you will also need to care for your hair according to your doctors instructions. Use a mild cleansing soap after three to four days, and avoid harsh chemicals around the incision site for about a month after surgery. Your physician can recommend soaps and shampoos that won't irritate the site. You will also want to take showers rather than baths to keep the area as germ free as possible.

Get Help

It is wise to have someone available to help you with your daily chores, such as cooking, for three to seven days. Having someone available can also be helpful if you experience depression after the procedure. Depression can stem from the sudden changes to your appearance or the anticipation of having the procedure done. A reliable friend or family member can provide some additional support during your recovery. If your depression continues after two weeks, make an appointment to talk to your surgeon for a recommendation to a therapist.

Get Plenty of Rest

The amount of time you need for recovery will vary depending on the type of procedure that you have had. Complete bed rest is recommended for three days to one week after having cosmetic surgery. Some types of surgeries require a longer period of bed rest than others. During this time, you will need plenty of rest to avoid complications and help your body heal.

Those with facial surgeries can begin exercising a few weeks after their procedure is completed, while those who have had surgery on other parts of the body may need to wait for up to three months to begin their exercise routine. Check with your doctor to determine how long you will need to wait before resuming your exercise routine. You can do mild exercise, such as walking for a few moments, during the recovery period as long as your doctor has approved this type of exercise.


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