28 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at 28 weeks, baby development at 28 weeks

In 28 weeks of pregnancy the average baby weight is 1140 kg, height is 38 cm, waist measurement is 23 cm and foot length is bout 5 cm.

Baby Development Symptoms in 28 Weeks Pregnancy

The head which until now will have been disproportionately large compared to the body is cming into proportion with the body. The baby's eyelids can open at this stage. A cyclical pattern of activity develops with the baby lying quietly or sleeping for about 20 minuts, then being active for 20 minutes, then lying again for 20 minutes and so on. Some baby's born with a head of hair loose their lovely locks within the first few weeks of delivery, only to grow back hair that is a completely different color!

Changes to the pregnant mother at 28 weeks

Mother will be able to feel the top of your womb about halfway between your navel and your breastbone by applying light pressure with your hands.

Fat builds up under the skin from now on giving the baby its chubby looks at delivery. Around pregnancy week 28 women who tested Rh-negative will receive a medication called RhoGAM to help desensitize them from their baby's blood.

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