24 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at 24 weeks, fetal development at weeks 24

In 24 weeks of pregnancy the average baby weight is 650 gram, height is 34 cm, waist measurement is 19 cm and foot length is bout 4.4 cm.

Baby Development Symptoms in 23 Week Pregnancy

Fingernails are fully grown by now. Development of the brain continues to advance. The digestive system can now absorb water and sugar. The baby's movements will be more vigorous and it will be able to reach out and touch the umbilical cord or rub its hands or body against the side of the womb.

Baby's lungs are starting to form tiny branches and will eventually produce a substance called surfactant, necessary for full respiration after delivery.

Baby can swallow fluid and may get hiccups sometimes. When this happens the mother will be able to feel th regular jerks of each hiccup.

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