20 Weeks Pregnancy, week 20 of pregnancy, baby scan and development at 20 week

In 20 weeks of pregnancy the average weight of foetal is 325 gram, the head circumference is 17 cm, abdomen circumference is 14 cm and foot length is about 3.2 cm long.

Foetal Development in 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

General growth of muscle enables the baby to move about in the womb much more vigrously. The beginings of the permanent or second teeth are forming in the jaws. Hair develops on the head. The skin will now be covered with a white, waxy substance called vermix. This protects the skin from the amniotic fluid in which the baby is constantly immersed. There is still very little fat under the skin so the baby's body will appear thin on ultrasound scans.

Girl Babies - The womb and vagina have formed by this stage.

Changes to the mother

Your waistline expands to accomodate the developing baby. You will probably also have felt the first movements of your baby by this stage of pregnancy. In second and later pregnancies, movements are often felt to be able to obtain sufficient supplies of nutrients and oxygen to meet the ever increasing demands of the growing baby in the months ahead. During pregnancy week 20 your baby's skin is maturing.

Most mothers to be will have felt the baby move by now as the increasing growth of muscle makes movement more vigorous. Many women see their baby for the first time during pregnancy week 20 through an ultrasound. Your baby needs it to make red blood cells, among other things.

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