15 Week Pregnancy, pregnancy at week 15, 15 weeks of pregnancy symptoms

In 15 weeks of pregnancy the average weight of foetal is 140 gram, the head circumference is 12 cm, abdomen circumference is 10 cm and foot length is about 2 cm long.

Foetal Development in 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Fine, downy hair develops on the skin which is thin and almost translucent, allowing all the blood vessels beneath the skin to be seen. Eyebrows and eyelashes start to grow and eye movements can be seen for the first time, although the eyelids will not be able to open for another 12 weeks.

During pregnancy week 15 and beyond a fine substance called lanugo begins to cover your baby's body, except for her palms, soles of her feet, lips, genitals and nails. Vigorus movements will be seen on the ultrasound scan. Generally the baby will only liw still for about 6 minutes at a time at this stage.

Girl Babies - the ovaries will have moved down from the abdomen to the pelvis. Already containing several million egg cells, they will allow her to have children when she in turn reached adulthood.

By now the developing baby can hear sound and respond to light. You are probably experiencing some other unexpected side effects. One of the more humorous side effects often noticed around pregnancy week 15 was increasing salivation.

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