12 Week Pregnancy, weeks 12 of pregnancy, 12 week baby scan and development

In 12 weeks of pregnancy the foetus is about 5-6 cm long with a head circumference of over 6 cm. The weight will have increased to about 18 gram.

Foetal Development In 12 Weeks of Pregnancy

By this stage the head containing the rapidly developing brain makes up around half the total body length, but the developing baby is recognisably human. If you were able to look at your baby at this stage, you could tell wheather it is boy or a girl. Many babies start sucking by pregnancy week 12. Your baby's organs also continue to grow and develop. The baby will make breathing movements with its chest. When this happens the amniotic fluid around the baby flows in and out of the lungs, which is important for the lungs to develop normally. Finger and toenails are starting to develop. The foetus will start to pass urine and can swallow the amniotic fluid. Your baby's brain is also developing more with nerve cells popping up at a very rapid rate.

Girl Babies: The ovaries have started to form.

Boy Babies: The testicles initially form in the abdomen. They descend into the scrotum later.

The baby will be able to move around easily in the amniotic fluid, but you still would not feel these movements as the baby is still small. If you used wrinkle creams religiously prior to becoming pregnant, keep in mind some contain dangerous ingredients that may harm your baby during pregnancy. Your teeth and gums can be more prone to disease during pregnancy so plan a free dental check-up while you are pregnant; but make sure your dentist knows not to give you an x-ray.

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