10 Week Pregnancy, fetal development at 10 Weeks of Pregnancy, weeks 10 to 14 pregnancy

In 10 Week of Pregnancy the foetus is now over 3 cm long and weighs about 5 gram. By pregnancy week 10 your baby is also past the most important developmental stages, so your risk of fetal defects also drops significantly.

Foetal Development in First 10 Weeks of Pregnancy

From 9 weeks your developing baby is called a foetus rather than an embryo. The head is now a recongnisably human shape. The trunk lengthens and becomes straighter and calcium starts to deposit in the bones of the skeleton. The internal organs have formed and the limbs are becoming well defined. The arms and legs of baby can move and the hands can move towards each other. The hard palate has developed. The ankles and wrists have formed. The brain is developing very rapidly. The forehead temporarily bulges and sits high on the head, but later will change into a more human-like feature.

By pregnancy week 10 your baby will measure between 31 and 42 mm or a little more than an inch and a half! Your baby is about the size of a lime, maybe slightly larger by now.

Changes to the Mother during 10 Weeks Pregnancy

Muscles are forming and both startle and general movements can be seen, although mother will not be able to fell them for about 9 weeks of pregnancy. During your first doctor visit, you can probably expect some of the same things regardless of the healthcare provider you choose. These may include:

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